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We're proud to offer tailor-made services for cafés, hotels and restaurants. Understanding the unique needs of each establishment, we offer customized solutions, whether to enrich your menu, provide quality ingredients or enhance the customer experience.


Our bulk products

All our black garlic products are available in bulk, some of which are ideal for your restaurant's aperitifs, bringing unique flavor and flexibility of use, while promoting sustainability. You can also incorporate our black garlic cloves and heads into your recipes to make every dish distinctive and memorable.


Why opt for bulk?

Minimize waste


Supporting local actors


Avoid overconsumption


Buy only the product


Our packaged products

Adding packaged products to hotel mini-bars or snack corners in bars and restaurants is advantageous as it meets consumer demand for convenient snacking options. Customized packaging and smaller formats increase appeal, offering variety and convenience to customers, while generating additional revenue for the establishment. It also enhances the customer experience, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.


Our raw materials

Black garlic is an ingredient of choice for hotels and restaurants seeking to set themselves apart. Its complex flavor and caramelized sweetness add a unique depth to dishes, captivating guests in search of new culinary experiences. Rich in antioxidants and recognized for its health benefits, black garlic meets the growing consumer trend for healthy, conscious eating. By incorporating black garlic into your menus, you not only promote quality and innovation, but also create a gastronomic signature that can attract and retain a diverse and demanding clientele.

Terms of delivery

Our company operates its own distribution network, ensuring direct local deliveries and efficient order tracking for rapid replenishment.
We adapt transport costs for large orders according to weight and pallet type, with restocking within 5 working days.
For smaller orders, we guarantee fast shipping, usually within 72 hours.


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