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Are you a distributor?

If you are a distributor, we invite you to consider integrating our diversified products into your shelves. Whether in bulk to offer your customers purchasing flexibility, in packaged products for immediate convenience, or opting for our white label service to reinforce your commercial identity, we have solutions to suit your needs.

This diversification of the offer will enable you to meet the varied expectations of your customers, while benefiting from quality products and customization options to remain competitive in the marketplace. Let's work together to offer your customers an enriching and unique shopping experience.


Our bulk products

Incorporate our Maison de l'Ail Noir bulk products to reduce food waste and offer your customers purchasing flexibility. It also reinforces your commitment to environmental sustainability.


Why opt for bulk?

Minimize waste


Supporting local actors


Avoid overconsumption


Buy only the product


Our packaged products

Packaged products from Maison de l'Ail Noir are an option to consider. They include a variety of black garlic delights, carefully packaged and ready to display on your shelves, offering convenience and quality.


White mark

We offer a white label service for all our products. This gives you the opportunity to market our high-quality black garlic products under your own label, reinforcing your corporate identity.

This customization is applicable to our entire product range, enabling you to meet the specific needs of your market while benefiting from our reputation for quality. A valuable opportunity to stand out in the marketplace.


Terms of delivery

Our company operates its own distribution network, ensuring direct local deliveries and efficient order tracking for rapid replenishment.
We adapt transport costs for large orders according to weight and pallet type, with restocking within 5 working days.
For smaller orders, we guarantee fast shipping, usually within 72 hours.


They already trust us!

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