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Black Garlic: storage tips and culinary inspirations

Black garlic is a unique culinary experience, transcending simplicity. Each black clove is a work of art, offering sophistication and unique flavors. More than a condiment, it's an invitation to a sensory and gustatory journey. Discover the richness of black garlic, its preservation methods and its creative use in cooking.

Conservation of Black Garlic

Storing black garlic is essential to maintaining its excellence. Choose a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Use airtight containers to protect black garlic from outside odors. A tip: immerse cloves in quality olive oil to preserve their freshness. La Maison de l'Ail Noir offers special packaging to keep each clove fresh and delicate.

Tips for preserving freshness

Use clean, dry instruments to handle black garlic. Avoid storing near strong-smelling foods. For long-lasting storage, consider freezing. A secret: black garlic becomes richer in flavor after a few weeks. La Maison de l'Ail Noir makes storage a celebration of culinary finesse.

Black Garlic in everyday cooking

Black garlic adds a magical dimension to your dishes. Perfect for pizzas or pasta sauces, it adds a unique umami touch. Use it in rice dishes for an explosion of flavor. Dare to use it in desserts such as chocolate sauces or ice creams, for culinary creativity without frontiers. La Maison de l'Ail Noir encourages you to turn every meal into an unforgettable sensory experience.

By following these tips, you'll enhance your dishes with black garlic. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, black garlic is an asset for enhancing your culinary creations. It adds elegance and refinement, transforming the everyday into an extraordinary taste adventure.

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